Hello, I'm Karl Smith

I deal with the person sat in front of me, with a unique method of Rapid Hypnosis and content free sessions. There is no digging up your past to shape your future. You don’t even have to tell me what it is…

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Where do you want to improve?

Be confident

I will reprogram your mind to rid you of anything that holds you back.

Remove anxiety

Feel more relaxed and less stressed about situations or events.

Get motivated

Let me help you find the right direction for you. Find your true purpose and realise your potential.

Be slim

Lose the excess weight and not only feel better but live a healthier life!


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Tracy Dunham Seattle, Washington, USA

I’m blessed to have experienced Karl Smith's elegant rapid therapy. Within a very few minutes, Karl's hypnotic invitation to release an emotional block resulted in what I’m certain is a life-changing shift. I was totally taken by surprise when strong feelings came up in such a fast process, and Karl easily recognized the pivot point and worked with me expertly and with great care and warmth to help me find freedom from a circumstance I’d previously believed was simply a permanent shadow in my life. All done deftly and with a just-right balance of humor and care. Beautiful -- thank you Karl!

Hypnosis Demonstration

Watch this short clip of the rapid speed and the energy he puts into achieving amazing results. 6 minutes Stop Smoking Session.

Are You now ready to Invest in Your future? Ready to make the changes you want? Ready to Feel better about you?

Then you could book that Life changing and it will be Life changing session… Now!

Achievements Through Hypnosis

457 Quit Smoking
2259 Life Improvements
3684 Happy Clients
729 Weight Loss

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