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Rapid Hypnosis Inductions

People need confidence in their Hypnotist, they need to know the Hypnotist can Hypnotise and carry out life changing work… So this is me at Work

I do get frustrated when I hear stories of so called Hypnotherapists that don’t ensure they have Hypnotised a person before carrying out any suggestion work, sounds bizarre, but its true.

I do hear stories from people like your good self paying out good money and not getting the service they deserve, You do hear stories of people that were not Hypnotised or even Therapists reading from a sheet of paper.

We as Humans are all different, So each session I conduct is bespoke and to your needs, Its fluid, I go where you need to go to make those changes.

During your session with me I will test for Hypnosis and prove Hypnosis to you, why, Because its good practice to test your work and ensure you are at the right level of Hypnosis before we move on, ensuring I’m not wasting my time and your hard earned cash.

I’m sometimes asked about techniques, well here are a few for you to look at for now….I don’t always use dramatic rapid inductions but there is little point me putting on a 15 minute relaxation Induction is there….for a start you would go to sleep or get bored, be rest assured if you want a slow and peaceful induction, then I will give you that peaceful Induction.

Enjoy these, any questions please ask.

Click to watch Rapid Hypnosis Inductions on You Tube HYPNOTISE


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