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Learn Hypnosis

Wickham Market based Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis training company supporting those who want to learn the art of Hypnosis and past Life regression.

We hold 2 day courses with the Hypnosis-Academy to teach from beginner level through to Hypnotist.

The 2 day course is to allow people who have bought books, dvds and even been on Hypnosis courses and still want to Hypnotise. This is a two day course teaching you how to get someone into Hypnosis then moving into Past Life Regression.

We also hold a 6 week Clinical Hypnotherapy Course, 5 weeks home study followed by a week of intensive hands on training, this qualifies you to start call yourself a Hypnotherapist and start your new career or even hobby. I spent just under 1 year with a company to get my Diploma In Hypnotherapy and I was great as someone at psychoanalysis but didn’t have that experience to Hypnotise, test and safely bring that person out. Not with us, you will be taught the basics through to advanced level Hypnotherapy. After the course you will have the opportunity to be mentored and start to earn money by helping others.

If you would like to see how we teach and what we are like please click on the page on this website “Watch Me Hypnotise” if you would like to see the website click this Hypnosis-Academy If you have any questions then please ask me via email or on my contacts page.

Please look through the website to see what I get up to and as a qualified Hypnotherapist I get the best out of my students.

Hope you’re well.


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