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Trauma – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – There is NO D in PTSD

Trauma and Post Trauma Resolution



Trauma and Post Trauma have been with us for years, Its only just of late that we have decided to make it far far more complicated, probably to suit pharmaceutical companies and the medical profession.

So why NO D in PTSD, Well it started in 1994 when I join the British Army I served in many places, most that your holiday rep wont send you to and Kosovo, Bosnia, Northern Ireland and lots of sand places.

I left the army after 12 years service and with One day off I joined the Police, I timed it well!

I was mainly serving on Counter Terrorism units as a Authorised Firearms officer (AFO) and as a Firearms Instructor, which were amazing roles whilst serving.

In 2006, well August the 4th to be precise at around 1900hrs a car decided to park itself into our next doors home, I ran out and attempted to stop the young drunk male but I failed.

I was dragged down the road under the car and then when I popped out from under it, he hit me a second time and caused more damage to myself.

I had damage to my feet, legs, pelvis, arms, chest, back , shoulders and neck and was told I would walk again but not in a straight line.

I was put on tramadol and pregabalin to help with the pain and after 5-6 months I came off them, but thats when the pain started.

They had masked the pain and also masked the emotions desperate to come out, Post Trauma had appeared.

I was in trouble and desperately wanted to get back on them and fought with my doctor to give me them, literally threatening him.

NO D in PTSD is my Journey on Post Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and how I ditched it, Yes I ditched post trauma and now I travel the world teaching people how to resolve it!

I now use Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy to help Military and Emergency Services, Its not what you think… No ducks or mind control, its all eyes open if you chose!

PTSD is not a label you need to hold onto, you can get rid of it! I help people daily resolve Post Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Check out this explanation and demo of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy! Watch me work here on Youtube Here 

If you want to watch my NO D in PTSD  presentation in Las Vegas

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I offer ONE to ONE sessions and is ALL Content free…. NO Digging up the past!

Be safe and Keep your head down,


Karl Smith

Hypnotist and Lead Trainer for UK Hypnosis Academy



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