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Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis


Karl Smith – Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis


Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy – Work with one of the UKs most sought after hypnotherapists who works all over the UK,Europe and Internationally.

Karl has taught in over 16 countries and helped 1000s with his unique and very direct approach, this is nothing like CBT or Counselling, this is direct to the point and highly effective.

This is modern, direct and interactive….. This is not laying down and hoping it works, this will work.

This is your opportunity to have a one to one session with one of the most dynamic Hypnotherapists you will ever meet.

Karl will take you through several very safe and highly effective methods he has developed, so don’t be surprised if you notice immediate changes and they will be immediate.

You are in safe hands and with this One to One Session you will spend a minimum of 45mins with Karl as he takes you to another level, to achieve those ambitions or remove those things you don’t want or need anymore.

Are you ready to make that change? If you are ready to make a positive change to your life… then Book Now.

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In person or Skype available

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Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and Coaching with One of the UKs leading Hypnotherapists and world trainer, Karl Smith.

Karl works with clients in the City of London, Beverly Hills, Las Vegas to Australia and has worked on Sky tv and radio.

You have the opportunity to work with someone who has been taught by the best in the profession and now teaches globally.

The Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy techniques are mainly content free and eyes open, this is a very dynamic and rapid process.

This method is used in conjunction with coaching, this is not Karl Smith holding your hand but giving you ideas and concepts so you can gain control of your life again.

Karl Smith is the lead trainer with the UK Hypnosis Academy and is highly respected in the profession for speed, intuition and  perseverance.

Before parting with your hard earned money, Karl will ensure that you are compatible with his style and that you will be responsible to move to the next level.

Book now to change your life, like 1000s before you!

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