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Karl Smith
Hypnotherapy – Karl Smith – Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis

The six Month Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and Coaching package includes

  • 30 Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy sessions and coaching via Skype or at the Office in Suffolk.
  • Access to all Karl on all trainings with UK Hypnosis Academy and talks. You can learn with Karl on his courses to develop you.
  • Mentoring plans and Development plans
  • You will be taught several techniques you can use to help you
  • Full diagnostic and support service
  • MP3 Support
  • Mobile phone calls 9-5 UK times for added support
  • Knowledge you are working with an International Hypnotherapist and coach that will look after you.

Before booking please contact Karl Smith on 01728 746668 for a strategy call

Call Karl for a free consultation 

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Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and Coaching with One of the UKs leading Hypnotherapists and world trainer, Karl Smith.

Karl works with clients in the City of London, Beverly Hills, Las Vegas to Australia and has worked on Sky tv and radio.

You have the opportunity to work with someone who has been taught by the best in the profession and now teaches globally.

The Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy techniques are mainly content free and eyes open, this is a very dynamic and rapid process.

This method is used in conjunction with coaching, this is not Karl Smith holding your hand but giving you ideas and concepts so you can gain control of your life again.

Karl Smith is the lead trainer with the UK Hypnosis Academy and is highly respected in the profession for speed, intuition and  perseverance.

Before parting with your hard earned money, Karl will ensure that you are compatible with his style and that you will be responsible to move to the next level.

Book now to change your life, like 1000s before you!

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