Hypnosis Weight Loss Package


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Are you fed up with Diets and Milkshakes?

Fed up with spending a lot of money and then discovering you are putting on the weight again? Then start beating yourself up when you gain that few pounds?

It’s because Diets and Dieting Clubs ….Don’t work long term! It’s scientifically proven!

Look if you have emotional baggage, anger, hurt, bullying or even trauma that happened months or years ago….Then you need to deal with that first, You need to ask yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing!

Heard these statements before?

“If you don’t eat your food, you’re going to bed”

“Look at those poor children starving, they would eat that”

“If you don’t eat that you’re not going out again”


Its guilt and emotional blackmail to make you stretch, yes, stretch your stomach… Until it was full! So with me we can reset it and get you back on track!

Session 1 – Complete Mind Detox, Ego boosting and Food perception suggestions

Free CD to reinforce those suggestions and confidence building to be used every day for 30 days.

Session 2 – Complete Mind Detox, Ego boosting beyond your imagination, giving you that feel good factor back and food perception suggestions and much more.

Let’s stop wasting money on FAD diets, poor quality shakes and hungry days ….Lets reboot your system and get you on your way to a new healthier and happier life.

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