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You can sit in the safety of your home or office while Karl performs Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or Performance Coaching techniques

It’s perfectly safe and is just as effective as being face to face, Karl has hypnotised and coached people from his UK HQ to Hawaii, USA, Europe and Australia with massive results.

ALL SESSIONS – Are recorded and then destroyed as soon as the case is closed. This is for Safety reasons. All files are encrypted.

All you need is

1. Sturdy Chair or Platform

2. Computer and Camera

3. Peace and Quiet – A room you can close the door to the world

4. Head phones are optional but make it far more effective.

You like so many before you will experience a life changing session and with the ability to return back to your life or work, without Fuss!

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Skype: headonhypnosis


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